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Mullaney & Associates has developed personal and professional relationships with multiple organizations with the goals of supporting our community and furthering our field of physical therapy research .

Research & Publications

Mike Mullaney, DPT has been working with the Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine, (NISMAT), at Lenox Hill Hospital for over 20 years.  Along with the NISMAT team Mike has been involved in the research and publication of at least 100 manuscripts.

Saint John Vianney

Rutgers University

Kean College

The staff at Mullaney & Associates has professional relationships with local high schools and universities.  We provide physical therapy services at SJV, of which Mike is an alum, on Mondays and Thursdays, after school hours.  We regularly serve as a clinical site for training  PT students from Rutgers University. We also work throughout the season with the baseball team at Kean College. 

Local Sponsorships

Mullaney & Associates has sponsored countless local sports teams and community events.  We live and work in this community and it has supported us for over 15 years.  We try and do our part to give back whenever possible.

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