Physical Therapy 

At Mullaney & Associates we believe in delivering research based, hands on treatment during every visit.  All of our therapists have earned their Doctorate Degree, and only our Doctors of Physical Therapy deliver physical therapy services.  We specialize in the treatment of general orthopaedic and neurological diagnoses.  We have extensive experience in post op care including total joint replacements, ligament reconstructions, rotator cuff repairs, labral repairs, meniscal repairs, spinal fusions and ORIF.  We also offer balance training and vestibular rehabilitation.  Each of your  appointments will last 45 min to an hour. Browse this page to view our beautiful facility and the programs and equipment it has to offer.

The following is a sample of some of the techniques and equipment we utilize to assist you in reaching your goals as quickly as possible.

  • Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization

  • Balance training & vestibular rehabilitation 

  • Modalities and Biofeedback 

  • Stage 4 cardiac & pulmonary rehabilitation 

  • Strength training & therapeutic exercise 

"Rehabilitate your body. Realize your potential."

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